Don’t fall for native advertising, opt for naive advertising. It’s free. It used to be called PR.


shopping bag sac shit vain absurde achat consommation

This article kind of trended lately.

I Liked Everything I Saw on Facebook for Two Days. Here’s What It Did to Me

Nothing would’ve happened if a sense of criticism lied within this story but my poor English didn’t allow me to feel that. Sorry then, I couldn’t resist trashing it.

It’s time to quickly discuss the editorial quality of Wired. It’s pointless and dull. As for a lot of articles, this piece belongs to a peculiar species: naive advertising.

Who was without sin should throw the first stone. I fell for these points. A lot. About filter bubbles. About tipping points. Gladwell, Lerher, Godin… Coming from The Atlantic, Medium, Slate, HuffPo… These pieces are most of the time written by zealots or amateurs. Conclusions are hazardous. Most of the time it won’t go further than a few superficial observations. This is probably what make them journalism –…

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