Why Did Google Decide To Split Inbox From Gmail?


Editor’s note:Marat Ryndin is a UX/visual designer, writer and app/tech/soccer/music junkie. He worked for Google and various startups and climbed to Everest base camp.

A couple of years ago, right around the time Google’s Gmail team decided to start working on a standalone email app — the recently announced Inbox — a major redesign of Gmail was launched. As is the case with all Google products it was first released internally as « dogfood » to let Googlers themselves digest all the new features, or as was the case with this particular redesign, the removal of most of the advanced features.

The Gmail team did not have to wait for the reaction for long. And it wasn’t very « googly. » It caused an uproar teeming with disgust for just about every decision the Gmail product/design team made. Phrases like, « You guys just completely destroyed Gmail! » and « What are these crazy designers doing over there?! » were everywhere. From being…

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