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Après les #FMOT #SMOT et #ZMOT voici le #UMOT (moment ultime de vérité) : les expériences partagées notamment sur #Youtube et le #social #media

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YouTube becomes a search engine not for web pages but for shared experiences. Apps too are becoming the new search.

It’s a good thing Google also owns YouTube. According to a research study published by Ask Your Target Market in Q3 2012, 95% of consumers use both YouTube and Google when searching for relevant content. And, it’s not just YouTube either; connected customers are fragmenting search through every social network, community, forum, and app where shared experiences become a currency in decision-making. Google doesn’t own the app economy though.

We now need to optimize search results for shared experiences in every network that’s significant to our connected customers.

via A New Era for Search: The Zero Moment of Truth is Now Defined by Shared Customer Experiences – Brian Solis.

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