Certified Malice

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One unfortunate (albeit entirely predictable) consequence of making HTTPS certificates “fast, open, automated, and free” is that both good guys and bad guys alike will take advantage of the offer and obtain HTTPS certificates for their websites.

Today’s bad guys can easily turn a run-of-the-mill phishing spoof:

HTTP Phish screenshot

…into a somewhat more convincing version, by obtaining a free “domain validated” certificate and lighting up the green lock icon in the browser’s address bar:

HTTPS Phish screenshotPhishing site on Android

The resulting phishing site looks almost identical to the real site:

Real and fake side-by-side

By December 8, 2016, LetsEncrypt had issued 409 certificates containing “Paypal” in the hostname; that number is up to 709 as of this morning. Other targets include BankOfAmerica (14 certificates), Apple, Amazon, American Express, Chase Bank, Microsoft, Google, and many other major brands. LetsEncrypt validates only that (at one point in time) the certificate applicant can publish on the target domain. The CA also grudgingly

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Petite #Interview / #Portrait pour @cga_agaPicpus #consultant #marketing #digital @_vincent_binet

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À la fin de mon BTS action commerciale, j’ai travaillé en alternance pour une entreprise qui m’a fait découvrir le numérique et vivre l’avènement d’Internet. Une chance ! J’ai créé et géré mon premier site Web dès 1999. Je suis entré dans le monde digital à ce moment-là… et n’en suis plus sorti depuis.

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#SEO #2016 Ranking Factors Study: Whitepaper & #Infographic @Searchmetrics

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Searchmetrics’ study of Ranking Factors & Rank Correlations is here to serve as a comparative benchmark for webmasters, online marketers and SEOs, but it is no longer as universally applicable as it once was. This study of general ranking factors is being published for the last time. Going forward, we will focus on more detailed industry studies beginning spring 2017.

Here’s a sneak peek at a few
of this year’s key findings:

Searchmetrics Ranking Factors: Content Relevance

Searchmetrics Ranking Factors: HTTPS

Searchmetrics Ranking Factors: CTR

Searchmetrics Ranking Factors: Internal Links

Download the study with all factors, benchmarks and optimization tips now:


via Ranking Factors Study: Download the Whitepaper and Infographic here