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Quand les internautes comparent l’écart entre réalité et publicité #adsvsreality

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A project from the delightfully named German website PUNDO3000, werbung gegen realität (“Adverts versus reality”) attempts to stab back at food manufacturers with painfully real photos of food items. We’re always on the look out for the gap between jazzed-up photos and the real deal, so join us after the jump for 31 of the best!

via 31 German food photos that show the depressing gap between adverts and reality | RocketNews24.

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Black Milk Clothing, une erreur sur un tweet et tout s’écroule : How Not To Use Social Media #Fail

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To celebrate May the Fourth (Star Wars Day, for those of you who were unaware), the Black Milk Clothing fanpage posted this…

Sometimes brands that hit it big forget where their success came from in the first place – but their followers certainly don’t. Popular online clothing retailer Black Milk Clothing learned this the hard way this weekend. Update: The company has since issued an apology.

via Black Milk Clothing Illustrates How Not To Use Social Media.

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La limite et le danger des email générés automatiquement en e-commerce #Amazon

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This Mother's Day, Amazon thinks I am a 1950s housewife

Yes, of course there’s an anticipatory algorithm. And it’s surely possible that my friend received this email because she bought some kind of vacuum from Amazon. That still doesn’t change the fact that this Amazon newsletter is a) demeaning and b) the worst marketing idea ever.

via This Mother’s Day, Amazon thinks I am a 1950s housewife –