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Après les imprimantes, les scanners 3D débarquent @TOP_Office

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Impression en 3D dans un magasin Top Office Top Office

L’idée était de permettre aux particuliers de se rendre en magasin avec, sur une clé USB, un fichier informatique contenant toutes les informations nécessaires pour imprimer un objet en trois dimensions ; puis de repartir quelques temps plus tard (de 20 minutes à plus de 8 heures selon la complexité du modèle) avec le produit de cette impression.

via Après les imprimantes, les scanners 3D débarquent chez Top Office – Sciences et Avenir.

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Enchant, Simplify, Amaze: Android’s Design Principles

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Want to enchant people, simplify their lives, and make them feel amazing with your app? Learn how Android’s Design Principles can help you create products that resonate with people. Find out about the meaning and research behind the principles. See real-world examples and practices from the Android Design team. Discover techniques for applying the principles in your daily work. No design experience necessary.

via Google I/O 2013 – Enchant, Simplify, Amaze: Android’s Design Principles – YouTube.

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#Icônes et #signalétiques du #futur proche @nounproject

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HYPERMORGEN is an interdisciplinary lab for Futures Research. We believe that long-term success results, on one hand, from anticipating future developments to make better decisions today. On the other, it is crucial to understand the unforeseeable and use it to make strategies robust against future shocks. We do not only work with traditional methods of Futures Research to distinguish the likely from the unforeseeable – we also work on creating Foresight Tools for the 21st Century. Combining those with our database of influential change drivers, we can help you understand and use Foresight as long-term pillars for your strategy.

via hypermorgen’s Icônes

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Ce que la 4K change pour l’industrie des créas

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As a designer, motionographer, video editor, or in fact anyone in the creative industry, you’re going to be hearing a lot about 4K over the course of 2014. But what is it, and what does it mean for you? Well, if you’re a graphic designer or illustrator, it’s unlikely to be impacting your workflow in the near future.

via What does 4K mean for you? | Graphic design | Creative Bloq.