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La mascotte des Happy Meal français fait peur aux américains @McDonalds #badbuzz

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“Happy” was introduced to Happy Meal boxes in France in 2009, rolling out across Latin America and the rest of Europe after that. Now it’s launching in the U.S., along with a new low-fat yoghurt offering for kids, on May 23.

But as far as much of social media was concerned, McDonald’s might as well been parachuting the “fun and excitement” of “Chucky” the killer doll into the boxed meals, whose biggest draw is the plastic toy.

via McDonald’s ‘terrifying’ new Happy Meal mascot goes viral – Behind the Storefront – MarketWatch.

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L’analyse d’une campagne #CrossChannel parfaite pour #Starbucks

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WOOHOO isn’t the only keyword out there. Starbucks has cleverly woven several different taglines and ideas into this summer campaign, including SMILE, FLASHY, and SAYYES. I’ve yet to determine whether any of these differ from the original campaign, as I’ve received the same welcome message for each keyword, followed by slightly different copy for the cat gif. Starbucks may be using different keywords and taglines to determine where opt-ins are coming from, but I may just be guessing. However, here’s a quick recommendation: It’s super important to consider the customer’s experience when using multiple keywords. No one wants to get the same message twice (or three times). Even if the program is the same across the keywords, change up your copy and images to keep it fresh.

via The ExactTarget Blog Starbucks Brews Up a Cross-Channel Win » The ExactTarget Blog.