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Le #meme « Cat Beards » récupéré et détourné pour … les chiens ! par #BBDO pour #Pedigree

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Pedigree Dentastix Fresh: The freshest dog breath, Bluna

Dog owners all over the globe know that it’s called “dog breath” for a reason. You can’t go through the day having 2 to 3 meals, licking your fur, catching sticks, retrieving balls out of the lake, sniffing other dog’s butts, finding dead squirrels in the park, and then expect to have fresh breath. To smell fresh breath from a dog would be utterly surprising and take your breath away. This campaign amusingly captures the moment the owners realize how clean and fresh their dog’s breath is thanks to Pedigree Dentastix Fresh.

via Pedigree Dentastix Fresh: The freshest dog breath, Bluna | Ads of the World™.


Cat Beards is a photo fad that involves positioning a cat in front of one’s face in such a manner that the feline’s furry chin appears as if it is part of the model’s facial hair.


via Cat Beards | Know Your Meme

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